31 January, 2024

Alex's Official Website


As of today I have told Dlook to pull my website down as I will only use this one in the link above.

Which is also in the above banner for my blog. So if you happen to send a message via my old Dlook website it won't come through to me. I no longer have access to my account settings or check my stats despite being paid up to 14 February 2024, and that is just not acceptable business practice. 

You can contact me via my new website, email , phone and via my official Facebook page.


My new website is showing up at 70th just by googling psychic predictions for the world in 2024. My old website is just above it. So that is pretty good to get up the rankings since I launched the new website. There are multiples of some of the same psychics as you scroll down the list. But hey  out of the entire world that's not bad. I have been doing successful psychic predictions for many years now., as is reflected by each one listed on the predictions pages as they pop up.  

I am number 15 in the list for Australian psychic predictions with my old website and about 52 or there abouts with my new one but remember this is without media assistance or paid advertising. This is just little old me plugging away year after year. 

It's almost near the weekend now lovely people so I hope you enjoy your weekend wherever you live in the big wide world. 

Warm and Fuzzy Hugs 


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