31 January, 2024

‘Self-mutilation’: Horrifying fate of Elon Musk’s brain implant monkey test subjects


This is pure evil, vile and inhumane. Isn’t anyone going to stop this horrific abuse? Man up humanity and put an end to this evil. There is no need for such horrible things done in the name of science, this is ego driven by someone with a god complex. 

This supposedly to assist humanity, yeah right. Once this is implemented you are no longer human by definition, you are a cyborg. What kind of person is willing to do this to an animal and not have a problem with it? They go home to their families and carry on as if it’s just a day at the office. 

No decent human being is capable of doing this scientific work, and the government obviously doesn’t have a problem with this. Yet where are the protests and where is the uproar in parliament? This says so much about the human race right now, devolving morally, ethically and spiritually. 

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