26 September, 2021

Please note: I have not started on 2022 predictions yet

 Just a heads up. The two psychic predictions that I have just posted are from  October 2019. I had missed them when moving posts to this new blog back in March 2021. Please read these posts and scroll down to the bottom of each post to see the hits. I am surprised myself as I looked back at them, to be honest and I don’t always remember what I have predicted from the previous year. I post the hits as they come up and at the end of the year I am focused on the next year. 

Update: I bam currently working on the world predictions as of 15 October. What a year it’s going to be.

It will be another volatile year but this is a game changer. Not in a good way either and what happens in 2022 will set things in motion that cannot be halted. 

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