Friday, 17 September 2021

Tarot card of the month, October 2021: The King of Pentacles


Enterprising, Adept, Reliable, Supporting, Steady

Boy this card is back again. Now it is a positive card in some respects; such as in financial situations. Going with the tried and true conventions in money matters. This card is clearly showing abundance, but the question is, who is abundant? Business of course and banking and all the high rollers.

October is a month to be conservative with your money. This month we will assess the damage so to speak in regards to how people have faired through more lockdowns. Most of us are suffering unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control. 

Now is definitely not the time for the average person to take risks with money either. Slow and steady wins the race, with a good dose of common-sense . We will see banking in the news with rules and regulations and perhaps a hint of interest rates rising. 

Again the CCP are pushing the envelope knowing that they can get away with it. The CCP has no intention of backing down, dialogue is actually futile with China because the CCP have their plans all laid out. The west seem like amateurs in the game and are not brave enough to move the goal post yet.

Business men ( manufacturing / construction ) are still raking in the money in October as the political situation worsens; because money and power is what it is all about in the big scheme of things. 

Electrical goods are in the news; this could be a problem due to import hold ups and shortages. It can’t be helped given the current circumstances world wide. So if you need a new iron or some other electrical appliances get them now rather than waiting. 

Again; please don’t get involved in protests or riots. Also please look into who is actually controlling these events. I don’t think they have the public’s best interest at heart, more like an ideology, Lockdown won’t stop until people toe the line either. 

My advice is secure your home life with things that you actually need; not what you want. Household shortages are starting, I don’t think this is serious but be sensible, do a little preparation for having food and cleaning products,  matches etc for a week or two. Just in case you happen to live in a LGA that is in lockdown.

Do your online Christmas shopping now, little bits here and there. So at least you have little bits for the kids. Don’t over spend on Christmas and if possible buy kids things that they can use indoors.

NSW will be a challenge right through to December I feel, sporadic breakouts of covid will keep going throughout summer by the looks of it. But bear in mind we are doing better than some countries, just don’t be selfish and go to places out of area. That is why we can’t stop the infections in NSW, it’s selfish individuals that won’t do as directed. 

Stay safe please and keep thinking happy thoughts 😻😻😻

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