Thursday, 21 October 2021

This is what stupid looks like!

This is what stupid looks like! Expect a perfect shit storm now, because Victoria and NSW are going to open up and spread the virus. In no time; we will be in the same state as the UK and the USA. 

Why the hell would they do this? It is very irresponsible;  unless you want to cause great harm to the economy and people’s lives. Just give it a few weeks and watch what happens. November 5th.  

Just waiting for the Canberra rates to move up now that people are moving around more. Canberra’s last lockdown was caused by someone going from NSW into the ACT. 

Some people just don’t give a damn because they are selfish, this cost innocent people their lives, remember that! An individual that does this doesn’t care about the consequences of their actions; no they just shrug it off; it’s not happening to them….sociopathic mentality. NSW   Not taking the advice from the chief health officer Kerry Chant. 19 deaths in Victoria 827 new cases. The new cases are dropping at present 

December 3 Omicron in the ACT (Canberra) just as I expected 🤬😡 and Victoria is up high again in their covid cases and deaths. On ya chairman Dan 🤬🤬

Victoria covid cases 1419 gone up again 10 deaths 

Victoria new pandemic laws passed. Drunk on power Dan!

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