17 October, 2021

Woman raped on train passengers did nothing


This is unbelievable that these people did nothing, it is downright sickening and says something is seriously wrong in America. This is a human being suffering right here, someone’s sister. She is loved by her family and friends. Where is the bloody respect people? Why couldn’t the  passengers help her?  Why are they so selfish and uncaring ? In my eyes they are all guilty of a crime by ignoring her. I am absolutely shocked at this. This is not civilisation here, it’s devolution. For heaven’s sake this was captured on video too.  Show the public who the passengers were; that did nothing to save her, they must be so proud of themselves. 😡😡

America over the past few years has shown the world that something is very wrong in their society, so very broken. How the hell does it get like this? People no longer care about each other, no self respect for human life. A divided nation is a failed nation; and where it goes from here is anyones guess. 


So everyone filmed the attack, but would not help her. The police should find something to charge them with. What if he had killed her? Simple they would just keep on filming. 

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