Sunday, 10 October 2021

Wes Penre: Video 276 The shape of the Aeon Sophia‘s Omniverse

Wes extrapolating a bit more on our reality, and is describing our world very similar to what E Valentina Straighten wrote about in the “World between the poles”. And supposedly what Admiral Bird discovered on a trip to Antartica.

It is not a random supposition by any means. The egg shape is plausible to me, from observations that I have experienced. When I do my psychic protection and put gold light around myself, I always noticed that it is egg shaped, and I always intend it to be a ball shape. But, nope it always turns out egg shaped. Nature also imitates as we see with birds laying eggs, the human baby in the womb is not round either, it’s egg shaped. The egg shape is venerated in Christianity with the Easter egg conveniently. Could these be little hints of as above, so is below? 

Even though I have no religion myself and most certainly don’t have any Catholic religious beliefs given my parents were high Church of Scotland; which is ultra Protestant; why on earth am I getting the image of Mary encapsulated in an egg shaped light, project into my mind. I do not accept her at all. But it happens from time to time; and I ask what ever or whom ever is projecting that image at me to stop because it means nothing to me. I am not baptised, I am not a Christian, just humbly spiritual.

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