Sunday, 31 October 2021

Happy Halloween 2021


I am not one for the American‘trick or treat ‘, being Scottish I still hold with the original Celtic celebration. After all this is a Celtic celebration long before America was discovered.

Guising (Disguising yourself ), is what we call getting dressed up in costumes for the night, and children go around the streets to entertain the households. They don’t play tricks on the households, instead they sing or tell jokes or have something to entertain the people. Also there weren’t any pumpkins in days gone by, we had turnips to carve and that was a job and a half. The dread of parents when kids demanded a turnip lantern, heaven knows how many knives got ruined by that task, lol. 

In my childhood, the guisers were giver apples, oranges and nuts. It was a very innocent time full of joy. Some households held Halloween parties and the ubiquitous bobbing for apples was played. I don’t know if kids do this these days. Just as long as kids have fun regardless of how they celebrate the day. Just enjoy it and hopefully have wonderful memories for the years to come. 

                                                       Turnip (tumshie or neep)  lantern, 

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