21 November, 2023

They still can’t get it right


I have repeatedly told Dlook in writing from 9th November to fix my adverts up and they still can't get it right. This is why I cannot tolerate this company any longer. No one can follow simple written instructions. $450 plus every year down the toilet! This year has been the worst service from Dlook ever, after only discovering in November that I was not shown for service in the ACT, where I actually live. And only a badly written heading without my name covering national availability. How many people will actually click on a nameless advert? I wouldn't. 

I have repeatedly told them my hours are 10.00 am to 3.00 pm, 7 days per week including public holidays. How many times to I have to keep telling them? Sheesh!  Oh and they leave out Western Australia in the latest stuff up. I think the word nationally would suffice. 

It gets worse though,  to get in touch via the advert it doesn't take you to my personal email. No, it is a dumb generic click on enquiry for everything on Dlook, where you are made to fill in a lot of information and then it throws you off into the blue yonder and not to me directly. 

I cannot honestly see people sticking with this organisation. After 6 years of my hard earned money and having to keep on their backs and multiple changes of account managers is just not a good sign.  Not to mention every Christmas they had pulled the plug for a few weeks stopping people reaching me. I had not given permission for this, why would I ? Yet I have paid to be listed for 12 months uninterrupted service. 

 Luckily people had the sense to phone me diretly because they were unable to pay for their consultation via PayPal  and sometimes a screen would pop up with a warning saying my certificate for the website had expired or a broken link. This was 6 years of being given poor service. So, yes as soon as my GoDaddy website is up and running I will post the link online on my blog and Facebook. 


Not Happy Jan, Not Happy!

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