24 November, 2023

The Yakhchāl: Ancient Ice-Making Machines in the Desert (Video)


Amazing ingenuity dating back to 400BC. They may be seen in modern times as primitive by some but the ancient Persians, the ancient Chinese and many other old cultures had amazing ingenuity and technology that only is surpassed by today’s modern technology. 

So it has taken two thousand years for modern man to get to where we are now. With a quantum leap in the type of technology that we have now. I wonder when  or if we will dip back down into the loss of technology. That would not be a good time to live through for us ordinary people of the world. Let’s hope that it never goes down that path. Astrologers can detect such events on the horizon because they are able to calculate hundreds or thousands of years into the future. That would probably come under horary astrology if one is asking a question. Other than that, following calculations which can be done by the use of ephemerides  or withAI  the years to come. I would imagine that AI will be the common tool to calculate such things. Much as I dislike AI this is one of the useful tools in this technology to guide humanity through the years to come. It will also show us where we must tread very carefully as in its normal way of serving humanity. 

Telstra offers apology to family of Victorian who died during triple zero outage

https://www.9news.com.au/national/triple-zero-outage-leads-to-chaos-in-victoria/e5c64336-082c-4bfd-8882-be337fb1ad44   Christ, this is horri...