29 November, 2023

Tarot card of the month: December 2023, 10 of Pentacles


This card is ruled by the planet Mercury and Virgo which are the rulers of the 6th house of the zodiac.
The element is earth.

Loss and separation, foundations upending, financial loss and disputes, family feud and restrictions are some of the reversed interpretation of this card. This card aligns with the 6th house of the zodiac governing work, the unconscious mind, health, habits, service given and small animals. The 6th house represents the social urge and affection . The key phrase is, I analyse.

Mercury represents communication in all aspects, reasoning ability, the intellectual urge, avenue of expression, it can be quick and volatile action, means of transport, travel, trade and emotional capacity to name a few things it covers.
Virgo is health and wellbeing related, it can be sterile practical, perfection seeking and industrious.
You will find hygiene connected to Virgo, germaphobic behaviour and such likes. 

This is the last tarot card of the month for 2023. There is a see saw effect happening in the card with how the pentacles are displayed. But the card does not have any fun attached to it. 

The world is in a state of transformation right now, I get the urge to use the word precipice though because we are balanced on the edge of a cliff right now. It’s 50/50 as I look at the card. Notice the old man looking at the young family or the new generation. Be that the new generation or younger leaders, or even society in general. The old man does not look happy as he watches them from his vantage point. They don’t see him or are unable to see him because he is in the shadows and the young family are in the clear daylight in the market place. 

The old man represents authority, a powerful authority hidden from public view. This is a social division and not about teamwork, one puppet master pulling the strings. I feel a sort of religious or fanatical ideology connected to this man, especially his mindset. This is a western man with silver hair (Schwab?) He wields a lot of power and influence and I do feel a link with the Vatican here. He seems to be closely linked to the Vatican in a very powerful way. I would call this man vengeful and there is nothing spiritual in his nature or personality. This man thrives on absolute power, he is not easy to stop once started on a mission or purpose. He has a frugal mindset, yet wealth beyond imagination. As he takes he never gives, this is not charity it greed and a hunger for power he has an insatiable hunger for power. He is given orders by other higher powers yet he sees these higher powers as inferior to himself. He only recognises his authority and is only a team player when it suits him. Humanity are not on his team! 

I feel harvesting of money and power happening, at present it is in its early stages and will build up over 2024/25. Many people will be alarmed by this yet feel afraid to speak out due to fears of persecution from peers in western society which has become gagged. People no longer feel safe to speak their minds individually now in the west. As I look at the card I get the feeling of the public being spied on.

This is by non government powers, these are people that are not elected by the people in the west. This is hidden NGO’s who are openly hostile to people being happy. There is a feeling of the public must be made to comply and obey these faceless unelected NGO’s . After all the leaders of the western countries obey these NGO’s. The western leaders do not carry out the wishes of the citizens that voted for them.

December is shaping up to b a month of mystery and hidden knowledge. Behind our back’s plans are being formulated to strip the west of power, wealth, sovereignty and form a different type of partnership.
This partnership will have long lasting consequences and pushing us closer to war, poverty and suffering. It has nothing to do with being fair and humane, it’s quite the opposite. 
I see protests countered by more climate change activists, protesting as a distraction. 
But under the surface something is about to explode in various regions. Eventually this will get out of hand as some of these conflicts will join hands so to speak, forming dangerous partnerships.

The ranks will be strong and western leaders will start to see they have backed the wrong horse in the Asian-Middle Eastern stakes. Well may be they should have listened to their astrologers more often because it has been pointed out to these leaders. But these leaders are rather selective in taking advice. This is wilful arrogance on their part, warnings are always given! Yes, of course leaders use astrologers they always have done. 

Now food affordability and financial struggles are biting in for many people and charities will be struggling to keep up with demands on top of new arrivals to the shores of host nations. Just watch the tensions rise yet again. The homeless are now too big a problem to deal with so governments throw their hands up in the air because they don’t have a solution. REALLY?? 
Talk about defeated nations, it’s a fait accomple guys! You lost.

The worm has turned and shows its true purpose. The youth of the world are highlighted from here on in. Are they ready for dramatic change? I get the feeling of young people being under instruction (trained) to act on demand, as in protesting. Here are the young people who are trained to reject their parents, grandparents and great grandparents generation. What they don’t see is their own  manipulation going on against them. Be it spiritual, political, financial or familial.This is communism in disguise and the task of the young generation is to accept communism with open arms without any understanding of what taking shape despite the warnings given from older people that have witnessed this up close and personal. 
Well the lives of these young people will be turned upside down, war in their lives and only after this will they think, OMG, what have we done. Sadly it’s too late to turn back the clock.

The breakdown and rebuilding energy has been released into this world and the world is currently in the crash and burn phase to reform via trauma into a new world. Not the sort that we want or need. The light is going out, to bring in a dimmer light,  but not entirely out of humanities making. Astrological phenomena have always played a major role in the fate of humanity. It is up to us to learn to read the warnings and try to circumvent them in a positive way.

Warm and fuzzy hugs to everyone 

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