06 November, 2023

Parents’ chilling warning after baby eats mushroom growing in house plant pot


Wow, How terrifying, I know that plants can get a white fungus on the soil over winter if you over water them. It smells like vomit and you know instantly that it’s not normal and you need to get rid of it.

Sometimes just having the plant sitting outside in the sun can kill the fungus. But you need to be mindful of the care of each type of plant you have and they often require different care depending on the species. If you’re unsure Google is you friend. It’s a good idea to keep the plant tag that comes with the plant when you buy it and keep it in the pot or in a plastic sleeve with other plant tags. 

Also when your children are small keep your plants up where the children can’t reach them. Avoid table cloths that the child can pull and cause the plant to fall on them. That also includes plant stands because children will pull it over in an instant especially if they are just learning to walk. They may try to use the plant stand as an aid to help them get to their feet. You just have to be all eyes with small children around, and damn they are fast, lol. I have had some scary moments when my children were this age and I was a very vigilant parent. 

I am so glad to see this little boy made a good recovery thanks to his quick acting dad. Hopefully the little chap will forget this ever happened. 

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