06 June, 2022

Some ACT laws will soon be gender neutral: here's why and what that means


Of course the masses will just accept this, because most gave up their human rights, self respect and dignity years ago to fit in with the political agendas and virtue signalling. They don’t like to be out of lockstep with each other either. This is not inclusive it is communism pretending to be benevolent. Don’t people pay attention to what’s happening in the world? Obviously not! Too many people  in Canberra are very lockstep with the government and media indoctrination. Individuality is a one way street, it has to fit a political agenda or it’s wrong. But here is the kicker, genders will be made obsolete one day. 

You ain’t seen nothing yet, people don’t even know what’s coming down the pipeline but they will soon. Just remember you voted for those that control your lives and freedom. You are also endorsing transhumanism. Not just that ignorant masses will believe the media that teaches them what to believe and laugh at the conspiracy theory,  until the awful truth hits them and realise they are engulfed by it. The media are only useful idiots to be used and dispensed with when no longer useful. Take a look at Russia and China because this is the new normal but the western version is a lot more sophisticated. 

The sniffles keep on going

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