05 June, 2022

Emotional support pets: experts warn of animal welfare risk


As the reporter say, these emotional support pets are not trained to the same level or not actually trained, so what happens if the animal gets distressed by loud noises, crowds and annoying people? What if the emotional support pet bites children because the children are upsetting the animal? 

People with support pets must also have a duty of care and also boundaries to help keep their support animals from any distressing situations and stop unwanted attention by annoying and loud people. Animals get anxious just like humans do, and if their owner is suffering from anxiety then the animal feels this too. Animals are intuitive and sentient beings too, so any distress from the owner adds to the animal’s distress. Not all animals are suitable for this role either. 

I just had to slip in some humour for this one, it’s asking for it. 

I think I will get me a stripy kitty for emotional support 🤣🤣🤣 Aww cute little stinker 😻😻Just don’t pat the little stinker. 

Lol, very creative spotted skunk does handstands 🤣🤣🤣 nothing like a fresh wind rushing through your hair 👍

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