23 June, 2022

UK declares ‘national incident’ after polio detected in sewage samples


Here we go again! Upping the anti with another scary disease, sure why not! Are we scared yet? Asking for a friend. We are getting rather tired of all the scaremongering, if one virus doesn’t work then let’s try another and another one until we get the fear levels high. 

Stop, listen, watch! Don’t be quick to freak out, that’s what they want. Now where did we put that pesky monkey virus, can’t seem to find it anywhere. Must have lost it somewhere. Never mind there is something else we can use. 

If this does happen to spread, remember to keep social distancing and wash your hands regularly, and yes you may need a vax. Older people may want to get a blood test to see if their original vax is still working. Watch out for people that cough and don’t cover their mouths. Basic hygiene and manners folks, how hard can it be? I really don’t see this as a virus that will get out of hand. 

The sniffles keep on going

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