03 June, 2022

Why lettuce and other vegetables are so expensive or not on shelves


An iceberg lettuce was 99 cents up until about three or four years ago. Blame for prices rising has been laid at droughts, then bushfires, then covid, then floods.  But as most people are finding out the prices are going through the roof on most foods. and especially meat. You are lucky if you can grow your own lettuce and vegetables in your garden. A continental cucumber was also 99 cents they are over $2 now and not as big as they usually are. Also Australia sends the best products overseas because they get better prices overseas. Farmers are going for the best deals they can first and foremost. Supermarkets are also trying to undercut the farmers and so it goes on and on. 

Getting seeds might be an option for some people, however they might be hard to come by soon so if you get the chance to save seeds do so. I usually save flower seeds as I love growing flowers. My garden is not suitable for growing vegetables because of the layout of the yard. Nor do I have the health to do anything these days. 

If you believe the mainstream media reasons for food shortage then think again, this is not an accident but a well planed event which is happening world wide and before covid struck. People are just not paying attention. There have been dry runs of this scenario here and there, as well as the financial crisis of 2008 and the current situation started to show up around 2018.  But we just have to get used to the fact, and  that it’s not just food shortages, there are shortages of different things world wide and without pointing out the elephant in the room that affects global supplies.

This is the reason why I put the YouTube video link of the 1940’s House on both my blogs.  I noticed very few people actually bothered with it. Most  people are not skilled in how to survive with next to nothing, be that food, clothes and other things. But they will have to learn whether they like it or not. I really don’t know how severe this is going to be but the original feeling that I picked up was similar to the Great Depression. That doesn’t mean that we will have the same levels of suffering but bad enough. At least we have a welfare system that didn’t exist back then. I remember the mass unemployment of the late 1970’s and 1980’s people survived that reasonably well. That was when manufacturers were moving off shore because it was cheaper to set up in China and Asia.

 Food prices didn’t skyrocket like present but interest rates did. Then around the middle of 1989 house  and land prices in Australia started rapidly rising. Now it’s food, houses, rent, interest rates, fuel, energy prices rising and the general cost of living. So things like health funds will be out of the reach of many people as well. Things may settle down in a couple of years but some prices may stay high such as energy, fuel and housing. 

Around 2006 I was warning clients not to borrow money if  they can avoid it. Then in 2008 the financial crisis hit. Here we are again with a financial situation and interest rates rising.  Obviously we sometimes need to borrow money for things like a car, white goods needing replaced, fixing up a kitchen or bathroom. But keep it to the minimum please, things will get worse before they get better. In my psychic predictions going back to 2019, I said it will take a couple of decades for Australia to recover from the difficulties that we are experiencing. 

I also saw some manufacturing coming back on shore, this is slowly happening now but it will take a while for things to be fully up and running. How it pans out will be interesting to see and our world will be  different after being restructured, by the reset. 

Oh by the way Google the Lima declaration of 1972, the Whitlam government signed off on and from there on to present day we are being screwed over by every political party that is in office. Between our government screwing people over and the Great Global reset by Klaus Schwab we are in for a third world living standard. Yet it’s just a conspiracy theory, only the under educated people believe what the media say. Any intelligent people are reading up on the situation for themselves and have worked out that this is all stage management. So hence another distraction will be created to keep people’s minds from working out what this all means and how many business leaders and government officials are colluding in this.

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