18 June, 2022

Soldiers' bones from Waterloo battle may have ended up in fertiliser


What a human tragedy, so many lives lost or ruined all for some rich and powerful psychopath. That is the reality of all wars. Ordinary people are used as cannon fodder with no care given about their rights nor their families left to cope with loss and poverty. Tho only people that benefit from war and mass suffering are bankers and power brokers such as kings, presidents and the clergy.

When going through the battlefields I wonder how many other wars were on top of the same land, even the First World War could have affected this and other historical sites.  But gee, using the human bones as fertiliser is very disrespectful. Christian values, yeah right, not when money is involved. 

There is the spiritual price on top of this to be paid too. Right to this very day, we pay a price both in the temporal world and the spirit world, a never ending cycle of debt and trauma. It is avoidable if people want to spiritually awaken and break the encryption over their souls and spirits. Most humans refuse to acknowledge this and keep the cycle going providing loosh for evil to prevail. 

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