02 June, 2022

Wes Penre: Video 304 The singularity timeline part 8/8


Wes mentioned a new internet, that just made me think about alternative social media platforms. The first thing that you will see on MeWe platform is the all seeing eye symbol( a woman with one eye covered). Same poop different shovel, it is still under the same control. I don’t post a lot on there, mostly tarot card of the month, my videos or jokes. So far though all that has attracted is spam and two individuals that want to post their stuff and not interact with me at all, not even reading my posts. Yeah it’s all about them!

Anyway this singularity is being sold to the masses hook line and sinker. Especially to young people they don’t know anything prior to the internet when born in the 2000’s. All competing for attention in the new addictive platforms.  

QUOTE from article—as Carlos Castaneda said in one of his novels, “they gave us their minds!” So, they added something to us to better be able to manipulate and control us. But this is still not enough for them to be able to follow us out of this construct and into Orion.

These beings are not gods, they are an abomination and are completely responsible for all of this misery in the world and the artificial universe. Humans should not accept the blame for anything because they are heavily controlled beings. Physical automaton’s with soul fire. I for one have no interest in being a “creator”. To me that sounds very egocentric, I don’t want to create lives and then who knows what will happen to them. 

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