13 June, 2022

Inside world’s ‘most depressing city’

https://www.news.com.au/travel/destinations/inside-worlds-most-depressing-city/news-story/013266e8f51a0f50e9b6c88819aea29f \

OMG, This is horrible, no human being or animal should be living like this. How can this be allowed?

You don't hear the greenies bitching about this do you?  Why don't they pick on Russia for this? 

For the record Australia's pollution is insignificant compared to Russia. Take a long hard look at China, Russia and India before whining about pollution and the BS carbon footprint in Australia. 

Just think of the lives lost and the terrible suffering from this living nightmare before complaining about air quality and carbon emissions in your city. The life average is 59 years old! Life is good in the west, so spare a thought for these poor souls. Blood illness in children is 44% higher in Norilsk, children get no say in this unfortunately.  

No doubt there isn't any such thing as compensation for all of the people that are getting ill or have died from this pollution including children. I cannot understand why anyone would have children there if the environment is so toxic, not to mention DNA damage that may be done. 

The sniffles keep on going

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