16 June, 2022

Medieval tombstones could reveal surprise origin of Black Death


What a gruesome way to die. The plague is still around even in the US there are cases of plague from time to time. Thankfully this is easily treated with antibiotics in modern times. Plague killed people within hours in the old days and spread fast. The thirteen hundreds were a particularly bad  outbreak which crossed from mainland Europe into Britain and outbreaks of such things happened every so often. Around the time of the great fire of London in 1666 there was an outbreak of plague too,  and that was a very hot summer that particular year and so the plague would spread faster.

The book The Dreadful Judgment by Neil Hanson mentions that. This book is a fascinating read on the events. I went out and bought the book after hearing Neil Hanson being interviewed on ABC Classic FM. 

https://www.cdc.gov/plague/maps/index.html The CDC in the US shows the plague cases in the US and world wide. Thankfully modern medicine and early detection is minimising the death rate. 

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