31 October, 2023

Happy Halloween 2023


Happy Halloween everyone, the start of the silly season begins. Halloween has its origins in Scotland and Ireland hundreds of years ago, before America was discovered and is a traditional pagan tradition.

Yet very few people actually know this because it has been over commercialised by the US. The true meaning is no longer relevant. There was no trick or treat in the old Celtic celebrations that is an American concept, Samhain is the true origin of Halloween. You will notice that I don’t have a pumpkin picture here, because traditionally it was turnips that were carved and much harder to carve than the pumpkins. It was only when the Scottish and Irish people went to America that the pumpkin was adopted because it was much easier to carve. 

If you’re staying home why not let the kids play bobbing for apples and watch a couple of movies. Make some decorations for afternoon craft like paper lanterns with red or orange coloured cellophane inside to look like flames. Paper chains or orange and black crepe paper twisted together and stretched across the walls looks great to set the mood. Kids love the excitement of making decorations for Halloween and dressing up, so if they are staying home tonight they can still have fun. Keep the paper decorations for next Halloween too. Halloween parties are always fun to do at home with a few children and is another traditional way to celebrate Halloween. Look on line at traditional party games and food that were popular in the old days , you might want to do a mix of traditional and modern celebrations. 

Most importantly just have some fun and enjoy the festivities. 


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