24 October, 2023

Tarot Card of the Month: November 2023, Page of Cups


This card of the month is a little different from the other ones because I am taking an astrolgical tilt this time.

Notice the little fishy in the cup, he represents the zodiac sign of Pisces which is ruled by the planet Neptune and this rules the 12 house of the zodiac.

The key word is understanding  The key phrase is I believe

Positive interpretations include, Compassionate, Sacrificing, Charitable and Sympathetic 

Negative interpretations include, Procrastinating, Timid, Impracticle, Pessimism and Inhibited

I have narrowed down the possible interpretations to suit the month of November.

Neptune is the rulling planet of Pisces and the 12th House. It represents Spirituality and the freedom urge.

The key word is intuition 

Neptune is the ruler of Maritime matters, liquid, fog, petroleum and mystery

The 12th house of the zodiac rules limitations, frustrations, hidden strength and the subconscious mind, it is also a house of the three houses of endings. The other two being the 4th house and the 8th house. 

Ok, now focusing on the Page of Cups, I notice the Page's eyes fixed on the little fishy in the cup and not the cup itself. In the background we see the water (Neptune) which is human consciousness and emotions which align to the heart chakra.

The Page has puffed sleeves giving the impression of being muscular and strong, of course he isn't. He is not what he pretends to be. He actually believes his own imagination or delusions. The Page is ruled by his emotions rather than his intellect and may not see the big picture as a result of this.

This card reminds us to face reality in November and stop being so gullible and naieve. This message should be taken onboard by young people in particular but includes everyone. Younger people do not have the advantage of years of experience nor the wisdom of older people that have lived through all sorts of things in this world. Information that is presented to the world currently in  different subjects or issues  may well be clouded by deceptions, illusions, incomplete information and fantasy, so be warned.

The time is over for silly games and jumping straight into something without knowing all the important and relevant information; including the history of the issues and real facts. 

Prudence and listening to older and wiser people who know their subject matter is advised or it may cost you dearly. Now this is also a warning about money or financial matters such as get rich quick schemes. When in doubt, stop, wait and watch. Then you will learn and save yourself some heartache. 

Be very careful if traveling in November, check the news regularly on travel destinations including flight delays or hold ups, cancellations, safety and security issues etc. Get travel insurance that covers activites you may be doing and that covers the destination that you are going to. You never know when an accident may happen also be careful around water in particular such as Jet-skies or any water activities. Medical bills are exorbidant so think wisely please. Just think worst case senarios when traveling and taking out travel insurance because it is better to be safe than sorry.

Travel by air restrictions are possible so please be wise and check on your travel dietination right up to departure time, both coming and going. Drug use is in the news so be warned and avoid drugs if going overseas because you may well be locked up in the "Bangkok Hilton" or similar. Act in haste and repent at leisure, so heed the warning. 

There are new rules in regards to the above matters so get online and read up on the laws and keep safe. Pay attention to matters involving water in general everyone, the sea and oceans in particular. I have a feeling of forboading with water. Refugees and the military  are connected to issues involving water.

 There is a risk of unnecessary deaths (drownings). Fog may be a factor in some cases including a disaster involving the seas, oceans and travelling such as refugees traveling by boats involving illegal entry into Europe and the UK. This is a dangerous time of year to do such a thing due to the weather in November onwards. Coastal areas are a high risk and are often foggy reducing visibility. Flooding is another thing to watch out for and anything connected to water. Hopefully not your hot water tank leaking in your house or your washing machine over flowing etc. 

Petrol is back in the news again and the North Sea gas is another possible issue, gas being the new gold and also sabotage of gas pipes like what has already been in the news.

Points to remember are; a reality check on all forms of communication, don't fall for everything you hear or read. Please keep your emotions under control, I know it is very difficult right now but a cool calm mind can help us see the realities around us and not act hastily. We don't want to be draged into something that we cannot get out of. 

Please stay safe where ever you live and warm and fuzzy hugs

Alex xx

Money, scams etc


Water, Sydney water industrial action 


Water,  Tasmania.


UPDATE: 5 November, flights cancelled in Germany 


8 November. Water skiing death, how horrible only just married too.


Another tragedy in the water


Water, but this guy is flirting with the grim reaper, seriously what the heck are you thinking??

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12715679/moment-tourist-knocked-feet-25ft-wave-storm-ciaran.html    more water, sea water in England 

Water, baby drowned in backyard pool in Western Australia.


Gas pipeline  this is December 8, 2023. Timing is only just out by a week. 


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