12 October, 2023

Robert Seperh: Edgar Casey the sleeping prophet on Atlantis

 Notice the mention of the different races of humans, we are all hybrids of different star races there was no out of Africa and science can definitely prove this now. This was a way of shutting down any uncomfortable questions and debate about the origins of man in modern history and partly because these scientists didn’t know the origins themselves. Yet many ancient cultures knew of the Star people that came here, the Dogon people (as in the star Sirius aka the Dog Star in Canis Major ) of Africa and the indigenous Hopi peoples of the Americas knew of them and mentioned the Ant people in particular that lived deep underground thousands of years ago that hid there from a cataclysm before Atlantis was destroyed. 

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canis_Major Those familiar with the Wes Penre Papers will understand the importance of this information. Pay attention to the names mentioned here and you’ll see that they are relevant to modern day because throughout western world culture the use of certain star names occurs in Hollywood, official sources such as government agencies and the media. This is no coincidence including military vessels, aircraft and spacecrafts and satellites bear names that are astrological in origin. 

The earth apparently gets cleared every so many millions of years, and re-seeded. However I don’t think there has been so many people on this earth previously. I believe that we are currently going through a tipping point again but not the same way as before, not that we actually know what really happened in the past other than what was left to us by the great philosophers and historians in the ancient world. Astrologically and Spiritually speaking Humanity only gets to evolve to a certain point and then we have a reset. I don’t know how long that actual process takes but I would hazard a guess that it’s over a few thousand years building up to a clearing phase and restructure of society. I also don’t think it is actually the entire planet is wiped out, it’s more likely localised regions as with the story of Atlantis. Whether by natural disaster, famine,  disease or warfare or perhaps all of these over a period of time. 
 Astrological speaking, events can be in thousands of years shaping the world and our behaviour. Astrological and astronomical cycles do affect the entire universe and all life after all. 

I feel that factions of the Atlantean people brought evil into the world via their priesthood and perhaps even their royalty bringing it first into Ireland and Europe and then into ancient Egypt and Babylon with survivors spreading out over centuries to get to Egypt hence the red haired white skinned pharaohs. These were not native peoples to Egypt and this has been mentioned in history, these pharaohs came from the west. Some say they originated in Ireland but I would be more inclined to say their origins are in Atlantis and then into Ireland. Our modern royal families with their red hair and O negative blood are from these  Atlantean bloodlines and the off planet rulers of this earth from thousands of years ago in our ancient past. These are the gods that were revered, a narcissistic star race with a very violent history. Why else would we have ancient people so focused on the Orion galaxy and all the ancient cultures that have venerated this particular area of the night sky? 
The pyramids built around the world including Europe, Newgrange in Ireland, Stonehenge,  are also aligned to Sirius and Orion for that reason. 

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