21 October, 2023

Astrology is not 100% accurate in certain areas

 As I am studying astrology I am quite aware that this amazing subject has extremely important values and I do believe in it. The science though is not such that it can explain things in your life clearly or the right way around. Having read some interpretations of my astrological report on Astrodinst which is a fantastic website by the way, I noticed a couple of thing in interpreting my childhood it was completely round the wrong way. 

However before reading this part of my birth chart, I came across information in the course of my studies, in the series of astrology books by Marion March and Joan McEvers where the authors point out things such as, you cannot predict someone’s death. That can only be picked up after the fact. Also little things in your personality that you yourself are aware of or certain things that happened to you can not always be reflected in your astrology chart. The person interpreting the chart for instance may not pick up the reasons for you being upset such as in my case. 

The read out said that I wanted my mother to be complex, subtle and unfathomable. Hell no, I  actually wanted her to be open, approachable and not terrorise me and psychologically abuse me. Big difference between the delineation of my chart and reality. This is where I would look at the chart differently and perhaps say that either situation could have happened. Intuition also plays a role in astrology, which is pointed out in the study books. One must feel the energy of the individual which  is quite difficult to do especially when you are only learning the science of astrology. 

I had someone do an astrology report on me many years ago and I was offended by the opening remarks. I thought wow, how the heck can you make such an assumption. I would be rather cautious in my wording of an astrology report. This person had only met me socially once or twice but I can definitely see where some astrologers need to choose words very carefully lest they get something wrong and cause the client offence and upset. 

I as a Tarot reader always choose my words carefully and never do I go into personality traits that the person may be embarrassed about. I have a strong sense of duty of care and I hope that I will always be mindful of wording anything for my clients. A person knows their own personality within themselves whether they care to disclose to a psychic or an astrologer. A highly attuned psychic person knows either by picking up the vibes from the client or as they open the tarot deck to read the client. 

A little lesson in this for me to keep in mind if I decide to use this skill publicly in the future. Mindful use of words, words can be easily misused and this is something that I always keep in mind as a Libran. 

Warm and fuzzy hugs peeps 🤗🧸

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