04 October, 2023

Go back’: Study suggests near-death experiences are real ‘other dimensions of reality’


At physical death the body’s vibrational frequency drops to 25MHz ( usually it is around 67 to 77MHz) and the silver cord is cut. That is the spiritual equivalent of the umbilical cord. We also have several points at which we can leave this world at different stages in our lives though most of us never use them. So that is one reason for a NDE and a person has the choice to stay in spirit or go back.  Once the silver cord is cut there is no coming back. If a person dies regardles of being very young or elderly that life continues in the spirit world until the person reincarnates. I have a daughter in spirit and see her from time to time, her incarnation was not viable as the pregnancy came to an end at 12 weeks because the feotus was just a lump of tissue that would never have made it to a proper baby.  That is an example of a soul or spirit having an exit point.

This subject has been studied for over one hundred years in modern times and yet scientists are grossly ignorant on spiritual matters because they have such closed minds. Not to mention the numerous ancient texts from around the world mentioning the death process and the afterlife. I feel this article was rushed and more information could have been provided, it doesn’t make very good reading to be frank. 

People who meditate often can actually put their bodies into a state where they can leave their bodies and travel the astral realms easily by focusing their attention on a specific area, so the NDE is not much different. A person needs to be open minded in these matters and religious beliefs may actually be a hinderace to crossing over and what your experience will be. If you have a particular strong belief such as going to hell; then you are actually creating your own reality and that is what you can manifest. There is no hell but there are lower dimensions including the one that we live in. There are positive and negative experiences in every dimension. 

People must learn to be aware of their surroundings and take note of what they see and hear. There is a lot of deception involved in astral and people need to be better educated about spiritual matters because the realities are not what people are led to believe. Not only is our reality an illusion, all realities are illusion. 

Oh and by the way there aren’t railway tracks going into the tunnel of light either, I have no idea why this is sometimes shown in illustrations. There is no need for physical world things like railways, besides this is an energy that is used to draw souls into the light. Everything is thought reactive in the non physical world. Spirit begins move by thought from one place to another, we actually do this in the sleep state when we are out of body, because we are in the non physical world when we are asleep. There are infinite dimensions and there is not just our universe but there is also a multiverse. 

When in spirit it takes time for us to adjust to and understand and process what is happening and also learning how to recall all memories. When someone dies they tend to stay around loved ones for up to three or four weeks before they move on in spirit. That is why people report seeing the deceased person after they have passed; and in spirt we often watch our own funeral. I have seen this myself and have commented on my blog what I have seen. Also the higher self is well aware of the impending death (not so in the case of a NDE though) for weeks prior and prepares for the inevitable death, the spirit world beings such as our loved ones are also aware of the death coming because it has been set in motion before we even incarnate.

 A psychic person can see the etheric double of the person that is about to pass over and it can be rather daunting for us to see this especially if we know the person. A person that is very ill can also have a grey colour to their appearance or their aura too. I have seen this on someone that I know and knew something bad was about to happen and it did hours later that same day.


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