20 October, 2023

Neil Oliver: Expendable


Every life matters. Just like I said in my predictions; when I ask what does it mean to be human? Think about this, someone’s child, someone’s son or daughter. I sure as hell would not want to have blood on my hands, especially a child’s blood that is horrific. Yes, I realise that in war sometimes children are armed and will kill. The reason being is because children don’t have the reasoning ability like an adult and so will not think about the full consequences of their actions. What sort of human beings arm children with a bomb or a gun? Knowing full well that a soldier has to make a judgment call on this innocent child that has been used by cowards because the coward doesn’t care about the innocent child nor does this coward have any human decency or courage to be a man. It matters not where this type of situation happens because it happens globally from Northern Ireland to the current areas of conflict. The fact that it happens is the issue. This is a massive collective failure of humanity right there. 

I will never choose sides in violence, I respect what it means to be human and spirit. We are one and the same, both human and spirit. Yet incarnated in such a low and heavy duality of the third dimension suffering was always part of the conditions, yet very few can raise their spiritual frequency high enough to leave this reality permanently. We must strive to rise above the evil in this reality. We are on the earth but not of the earth spiritually speaking.  

Wes Penre: Q and A Session #1 December 2023

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/QA-Session-1-December-2023.pdf In regards to #4 it is the small children who are the...