28 October, 2023

Do we need to justify our very right to exist?

Do we human beings really have to question our right exist? Also do we ever question what it means to be human? The right for all human beings' to co-exist no matter where they live in this crazy mixed up world is not negotiable. Yet this is the horrible reality of this world when it comes to war, any war throughout history. No human being should have to justify their right to live in peace, ever. Nor should they have to fight for the right to live, yet that right is constantly violated and the world leaders are not really interested in humanity other than for profit.

I am not talking about any particular race of people or nation here. I am talking about us as human beings and what it really means to us as a collective to be human. Pretty soon we will again all be forced to confront this hard question again with each other, forced on to opposing sides yet again. Who has the right to say who will live and who will die? Virtually Russian roulette and we all hold our breath to see who is unlucky each time a shot is fired. A human soul suffers, a life is extingushed for the misfortune of been born.  

Who has the right to tell us that we can no longer live in our home? Who has the right to tell us where we can live within our own homelands or force us to flee? Also who has the right to determine what our lives will be and our inalienable right to self determination?

Basic human rights, of which the most important one is the right to exist freely, peacefully and safely in our own countries. War removes that right immediately, it also does not guarantee the right to stay in your own home, your safety, shelter, food and water, medical treatment and the right to keep your personal goods and belongings. There is no certainty of anything in war, we must do what we can to survive such a catastrophe. What it means to be human doesn’t even come into the equation when a human life is threatened or destroyed. All that matters is winning for those in control over our lives. 

War is profitable no matter where it is, war is decided by very rich and powerful men. War also brings out the psycopaths of the world that delight in committing gross horrors on innocent human beings.

We ordinary people are seen as irrelveant in war or conflict, assets such as realestate, (as in vast areas of a nation like East Germany and Easatern Europe in the last world war) oil, gold, petrolium and money are valuable commodities, but human life, NO. Every war is about assets because war is profitable, every single war on this planet has been about assets, money and power one way or another. We ordinary people historically can also be seen as commodities to be traded whenever it has been convenient throughout history. But who decides who is a viable commodity permitted to live and what makes some people more viable than other people? 

What happens to the men and women that fought wars? The returned soldiers that are broken, disabled, dysfunctional and often suicidal are left to their own devices by their nations government. Many of  these vetrans are homeless, kicked to the kerb and ignored by their own government regardless of where they live in the world. If that doesn't invalidate and disrespect a human life then I don't know what does. 

Another world  war is about to happen, and young men and women  will be told you need to join up and fight the enemy. But who is the enemy really? It's not yours and it's not mine, we don't know the individual people that are the "enemy" but are told to kill them and the supposed enemy is fed the same story. Every war is a rich mans creation, it has nothing to do with ordinary people, they are just the tools of the rich and powerful. Situations are created and someone has to be the scapegoat. That's how it has worked since the dawn of time. 

We are expected to forfeit our lives for the greater good, but in reality its more like the greater asset and income harvesting for the insatiable power hungry demons; that just cannot stop demanding from us that have nothing. We see the profits made by multi national corporations. money made from the blood of innocents, you and I and our children.

Contractors then line up and see who gets the contracts to rebuild and where. Lucrative contracts worth trillions. Is our blood so meaningless to all of these people that determine where a war will be and how long they can make it last? 

The longer a war runs the more money is generated and concentrated into only a few hands. But the price of war is death in the millions; of ordinary human beings and also the animals of  this world that are killed, injured and traumatised for the rest of their lives yet are unable to have a voice.

Where has the spiritual light gone in this world? Was it ever really there for humanity or the beautiful animals that we love so much? Every life extinguished brings more darkness to humanity. Humanity never will learn its lessons as long as people are prepared to kill, murder, torture and abuse one another.

Can anyone really justify or give a valid reason for such evil? Why do people refuse to see the real enemy of all life on earth? They only follow the voice of the richest earthly daemon with the loudest public voice and follow his truth, not the truth.  

And here humanity is being taught another painful lesson and nobody has done their homework. So how can humanity learn a lesson if they have no interest in learning what it means to be human and to live a peaceful spiritual life of tolerance and acceptance in everyone. How does one justify their right to just exist? More to the point why must we have to justify the right to exist to anyone? 


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