26 February, 2021

South Coast Spiritual Church Psychic Fair Update and Car Crash

 Yesterday's  Psychic fair went very well indeed, I was totally booked out. I wish to say that I am most honoured to have been invited to read at this lovely event. I wish to thank everyone that came to me for a reading. I am most humbled and honoured to have been given the honour and pleasure to be allowed to read for each individual that came to me. Thank you for this honour. It is a privilege to look into aspects of any individuals private life in such an intimate way. I will point out though there was a very heavy negative vibe in the room that we all worked in. That energy came from a handful of individuals. I will not name names but it was a horrible energy 

Sadly though on my way home from the coast the following day,  both my husband David and I were involved in a car crash. Our car hit an oily patch on the road, on the Princess Hwy north of Mogo NSW. The car spun out of control at a low speed and  went backwards into a ditch on the other side of the road. We just missed a group of trees and a water catchment by inches. Our car was a right off and both of us are quite  sore. 

Something  or someone quite clearly doesn't want me at the South coast and it has taken two cars,  to be ruined and both my husband and I to be injured to tell me this. There is no doubt in my mind this had a dark energy attack hallmark. One does not, not feel that darkness, even my husband noticed. 

I feel this is rather disturbing to say the least. We were lucky to escape with  our lives.
I had no warnings from my spirit guides or premonitions of this, which made me vey upset and angry to be put through such an ordeal. Neither my husband nor I deserve this.
At present I am resting in bed feeling very sore but grateful to be alive and not in a worse condition.   I now need a new car to get around in, once I  am able to do  so.

I wish to say thank you, to everyone that stopped to render assistance to my husband and myself. Thank you also to the Ambo's, the Police and the very kind tow truck driver Mr Brett Crocker, he went out of his way to drive us back to Canberra and off load the car. We are indebted to all of you, for your kindness and selflessness. God bless all of you.

Originally posted 18 October 2015 on my original blog

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