27 February, 2021

Good Bye Miss Lily

Poor little Miss Lily (our  canary) went to the vet this morning. She was in pain after a falcon attacked her on  When suddenly a falcon swooped in and attacked her. We have never had falcons in our yard before, so this was most unusual.

Before being euthanatized; the vet examined her and discovered the leg was broken above the joint with a lot of force that all the tendons etc were broken. Her little leg was dead and the vet said its best to put her to sleep, which I knew had to be done. She wasn't eating or drinking either.

So Miss Lily went over the rainbow bridge with the spirit shaman and, she let me see her soul leave her body. It was like a soft white cloud of energy. I took her home to bury her. But as soon as I got out of the car I saw my dogs Sparky and Gromit in spirit rushing up to greet me as I got out the car. That was a wonderful experience and right out of the blue.

We love you Lily and thank you for being part of our large family, Bless you xxx

Thank you Snu and Puss xxx

I would like to also say thank you to the loving staff at Parkway Veterinary Clinic( formerly known as Wanniassa Hills Veterinary Clinic) on Drakeford Drive at Kambah. The people there are the most loving and caring people that I have ever met. We have been with this practice over 20 years. The care they give and the love they have is wonderful. True fur baby lovers.

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