27 February, 2021

New update on the Titanic 2 dream

 I was flabbergasted yesterday, to discover my dream about the Titanic 2 has come to pass.

I put the Daily Mail's link on my post from January 27th 2016 on yesterday afternoon. This article was published by them only yesterday morning 11 February 2016.

I do not like the concept of recreating this ship, I find it in very poor taste. But some may argue and say we like the concept. Just ponder the feelings of those souls that lost their lives in such a horrible way, and their loved ones. It opens up old wounds and to make money from such a tragic event. To me it seems morally repugnant and profane. One other point to note is the energetic imprint from the disaster is also imprinted on the new vessel, we are talking energy frequency here. That is a powerful thing and not a wise thing to recreate this fateful tragedy. 


 12 February 2016

Telstra offers apology to family of Victorian who died during triple zero outage

https://www.9news.com.au/national/triple-zero-outage-leads-to-chaos-in-victoria/e5c64336-082c-4bfd-8882-be337fb1ad44   Christ, this is horri...