26 February, 2021

Spirit Warning For The USA 1 April 2015

I have just come off air (A1R PSYCHIC RADIO) from doing s reading for a lady in the US. While reading for her. I got a horrible feeling come over me. It was not about her, but the Nation. I am deeply worried about this warning. I feel something very dark is on its way to the US. I don't want to say anymore but I do not like the feeling. It is making me so anxious and nauseous. Any other psychics out there picking this up?? It is a feeling of war. It is very distressing. There are many deaths and I see Mr Obama making a public address to the nation. I feel the Whitehouse will go into lock down.

Is this the start of a civil war? I am deeply upset by this and worried for all the poor souls that have to live through this nightmare. Please take care, love and blessings to you. XXX




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