27 February, 2021

Spirit Caught In Photograph Taken At Garrion Tower: Wishaw, Scotland


This is a photo that was posted on Facebook and it shows a lady in spirit; that lived in the house that the picture was taken in. You will also notice some form of energy above the light fitting as well as just slightly to the right of the light fitting. The lady can clearly be seen smiling. Spirits were the originals at photo bombing, lol.  It is amazing what can happen when taking a photo in old houses.
I find these things really interesting, and often tune in to the person in spirit.

I would like to thank the owner of this amazing photograph for allowing me to share her photo with everyone who reads my blog. The house in which the photo was taken is Garrion Tower in  Wishaw, Lanarkshire, Scotland. I lived in Wishaw when I was about 3 years old back in 1966.

I didn't know about this house in all the time that I lived in Scotland. I would love to see this house. I actually went to Garrion academy back in the mid 70's and I don't recall anyone talking about the house. But  I heard many ghost stories of the suburb of Gowkthrapple where the school is situated. Lanarkshire is a very historical and haunted region steeped in intrigue. I intend ordering some local history books shortly on Motherwell and Wishaw; as it is part of my family history and I really love the history of where I come from.

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