27 February, 2021

29 Signs That You Are Born To Be A Spiritual Healer



 29 Signs You Are Born To Be A Spiritual Healer

I am from a long line of spiritual healers. Spiritual healing is a form of mediumship. My hands constantly tingle and buzz.. #8 this does not mean you are a real "spiritual healer" in you current life, nor does it mean that you have to do it. But you might have been in a past life.

You "could" be called on, in the after life, to assist in healing, as a guide from the other side of life. That is up to the individual soul to decide though, at the time, (not before). I work with a doctor from the local community that passed, back in 2004. He chose to work with me from 2006 onward.

Remember this is a free will Universe, you don't have to do anything if you don't want to. You do have a choice, and nothing is ever set in stone otherwise that implies there is no free will.
Do not allow others to tell you that because you have a gift you must use it.

It is not their place to tell you and you must not be pushed into this like all spiritual/psychic things and sadly sometimes these gifts can come at a price. I personally refused to use my abilities when I was young , I was afraid of spirits and knew nothing about the spirit world and what it would mean to me with responsibilities, my rights, and the  possible danger etc. No one could explain anything to me, nor did they know the pros and cons.

Yes, I had  psychic relatives  including both grand mothers,( and have younger relatives that are current healers)  but they had no real knowledge other than their intuition or abilities. There was no formal spiritual training back then for ordinary people so they just accepted what came to them.  When I was ready, most of my relatives  had already passed on.  I was most of the time living in Australia my parents had only just started to use their abilities ,even though mum was always claircognisant and Clairhambient. If someone was going to die she knew or had a visit from them.

One thing a healer or empath must not do is allow themselves to be drained by energy vampires. We must keep grounded at all times and know when to rest. Know when to say NO, to others.

Because that will make the healer or empath ill, if they allow people to continuously impose themselves on the healer/empath. One must set boundaries so that others do not take advantage . Yes that does happen with very selfish people. This happened to my father years ago.

He had an embolic stroke not long after this. I am not saying that the healing was the cause though. But he was most definitely physically exhausted though and an old man. These people gave n thought to his age or what this took out of him, an old man in his 70's! He found it hard to say no to people, sometimes working until late.

Healing like all spiritual things is an energy exchange that if left in imbalance is a debt if you will. How we balance that energy is up to the individual. Sometimes it is not possible to do an act of kindness to an individual that helped us, but we can pay it forward to help someone else.

How do we do this? Perhaps acts of kindness, paying it forward, being unselfish and  in service to humanity and the animals in some way. Whatever way the individual consciously decides and puts it out to the universe.

You have to pay the imbalance of energy that is created in the universe by these positive actions. Many people are unaware of that fact because they are not taught in churches or schools. Nor is it common knowledge.

We Psychics, healers are not here to solve other peoples problems. We are here to show the way, not do it for you. That would be breaking cosmic law, and also you would not be learning the lessons set for you. Lessons that you agreed to, (we all do) prior to incarnating.

What will happen is that you are sent back here to do it all again and again, until you have done what you agreed to do. But also there is the fact that you tried to make someone else take on your lesson. That is a most serious misdemeanour. Remember cosmic law and everything must be kept in balance.
Keep life simple and all will be less stressful.

UPDATE: 2019

NOTE: I highly advise you to read Wes Penre and the soul trap and reincarnation etc.  You really have to understand what is going on and it is definitely not in our best interest. I would like people to be spiritually aware and to be able to spiritually awaken, take back their rightful spiritual power and know how to exit the matrix safely and peacefully, nothing more nothing less.   

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBPCHTg0_tc  Wes Penre

I also feel that spiritual healing  is questionable now  ( Feb 13, 2019)
 (listen at 6.28 and again at 13.00) he talks about soul energy  harvesting.
I have witnessed  this done in spiritual circles.

I have come across comments made by Wes regarding many spiritual practices are quite harmful to the body such as trance mediumship, automatic writing etc, and it seems plausible that spiritual healing may be harmful too.

I   am no longer doing doing spiritual healing myself due to health problems and it is very painful to even try to do healing. I cannot use my arms for longer than a few minutes due to the pain in my arms and  I start to get a tremor in my arms and hands which lasts for  several hours.
I am left totally exhausted and have to go to bed and sleep.

I have an original copy of the spiritual healers hand book written by George Chapman D.S.N.U  published in England in  1956.

In this book he says a healer does not have to be in perfect health But he like most spiritualists back then or even now don't realise is we are living in a controlled matrix. We are hooked into a grid not of our creation. And that our energy is being siphoned off to unseen beings.

They feed from this energy and give us a placebo energy in return. Sure some real healing does take place. But the healer does not benefit from this at all. Those that say they do are mistaken. They do not know or understand what is actually taking place. To inform them most will dispel what they are told because it conflicts with their belief system.

The spiritualist movement will not acknowledge the real beings behind their beliefs  nor the absolute danger they face.  Research is paramount  to education and safety. Ignorance is our enemy and will lead to danger.

I am a firm believer in keeping an open mind, yes, sometimes it is very difficult. I admit to struggling with it myself.  We are only human and humans can be too trusting and naive  for our own good.

Trust nothing  that is not of this world or taught parrot fashion. Never take one person or organizations word as truth. You must find your own truth and be prepared to change that truth when you come across new information. That can come from personal experience too.  God knows I have been there and have bought many books only to be disappointed and going back to the proverbial old drawing board as they say.


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