28 February, 2021

US Farmland gone


This is a concern for all of humanity. And the push for brain damage called Vegansim.



Are you laughing yet? You think it’s a conspiracy theory?  How much more dumbed down do you want to be?  You don’t even get a say in this. Democracy, yeah right. There is no turning back from this, nor the trans humanist agenda reversible. The articles in my old blog clearly spell out what is happening. However you need to make the effort to read them. The algorithms have been slowed down, but that doesn’t stop a person from reading anything on my blog. Just remember, you have been warned and he who hesitates is lost. 

I used to be puzzled when hearing new agers  banging on about cows leaving our reality, I put it down to new age BS. But hey can you tell me why the US are shooting thousands of head of cattle.....Nah! I didn’t think so. But a bit of effort of the masses googling this and you will find plenty information on the destruction of cattle in the US. Climate change has bugger all to do with this. Power, control and money has. 


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