27 February, 2021

Trance Mediumship And Evil Beings


I would like to talk to my readers about the possible dangers involved in Trance Mediumship. This is a very special skill and not to be done unless you have the correct training and guidance, a clairvoyant must also be present to assist, in case of the situation becoming dangerous or undesirable. 

There are protocols to follow when doing any form of mediumship and especially trance mediumship. Protection is a must, for all taking part. The reason being, a negative or malevolent entity can attach themselves to whomever they please. The room or venue must be protected psychically also.

 Opening the circle with prayers and psychic protection is one of the first steps. As I already said, a clairvoyant must be present, to be the "look out" while the person channelling is working. It is very important that there is absolute silence during the process. It is said that one must never touch the medium while they are in trance, especially if they are a physical medium (able to physically manifest something from the spirit world into the physical world). This is highly dangerous and may result in serious harm to the Medium. Yes, some foolish sceptics have done this, and that is why I am telling you this.

 During the course of events, someone may take notes on what is being said via the medium and making observations. Someone should also be in charge of asking questions.

You may want to record or video the event also.  In any form of mediumship, do not pass on negative information to people as that is irresponsible and just not the done thing.

When the spirit retracts from the medium. The medium  needs time to relax and gain their composure. Discussions can then take place. Once all this is done. The circle must be closed down. Spirit must be sent back to where they came from and then the psychic cleansing of the room  and the medium  must ground  themselves after that . 

With an unexperienced Medium things can and do go wrong.  An example of this is what happened several years ago. I was taking part in some regular trance mediumship with a couple of friends. These friends were natural trance mediums, but did not know a lot about the spirit world or how to use psychic protection. When I first met these friends, it was by them coming to me as clients.

At the time both these men had no idea as to whom they were communicating with, ( they were given false information by the spirit beings). One of these friends told me about the terrible pain in his throat, and how doctors couldn’t detect anything. He told me, the spirit beings said that it was ok. They need the link through his throat Chakra. I was rather concerned about this pain, as I knew that spirit shouldn’t be doing this to him. Physical marks are one of the other things that happened to this particular  man. This is not the ideal situation and is an unwanted situation.

 In the above example, I believe these spirit beings were archons. Anyone in communication with the spirit world really needs to know about these beings, and the harm they can cause. There is a wealth of information all over the internet on archons, including information dating back to bible times, Gnostics warned of them. There is also the very real potential for an entity attachment to happen.

 It is not necessary to turn off all electronic equipment, fans or air conditioning either. I have done mediumship live on radio, via the telephone, via the internet when conducting readings, etc. It makes no difference. If you have a spirit being telling you to switch off any electrical equipment, stop communication immediately. This is an archon that you are dealing with or an interdimensional.

 Remember for mediumship to take place there is no pain or suffering. If this happens stop immediately. Do not attempt to communicate with the entity. I personally would gold light the room again and myself if I were the medium. The room that is being used should only be gold lighted by the person in charge, for protection and unwanted spiritual activity. Too many people trying to gold light the room or venue would cause others to experience what is called; being bounced back.

If you really want to learn mediumship or trance mediumship, please learn through a reputable source, where the correct safety procedures are employed. Should you get into any difficulty during the training, the instructor should be there to help straight away.

You may try several different places before finding one that you like. You need to also know how experienced the people teaching are. Do they follow all the correct protocols? Always check the credentials of the spirit beings; can you verify the messages or give a description of the spirit being?

I am not actually in favour of trance mediumship. After experiences that I have had, and research that I have done over the years. Even though I am trained in   trance mediumship, I do not use it. I had grave concerns about learning this before I was persuaded to learn this ability. Those concerns were to be later confirmed during the training course.

There are suggestions in the Psychic field, that some entities may leave a very difficult to detect link in to the trance medium.

Wes Penre covers this in his research. There are also many researchers that believe inter-dimensional beings may also mimic spiritual beings. This is quite a valid opinion and in some cases points back to the archons.

 We still do not know a lot about the spirit world and may never know. It is a vast and incomplete area of knowledge.

 Don’t be put off by this article; there are many very successful trance mediums in the world. The choice is up to the individual if they feel comfortable engaging in this activity. I leave it to the individuals to make their own choices of their own free will. 

Points to remember are, always gold light yourself and the place that you are at the time before you start communicating with spirit. Do not forget to close down the circle you are working in at the end of the activity.  Then gold light yourselves again at the end. The medium must ground themselves again, and also whomever is in charge must also gold light the room again.

 You do not want to leave the job unfinished. That is irresponsible and you can leave an energy portal open that can or will cause problems until closed off. You do not know what will come through the energy portal if you don't, and it is best not to take the risk. Especially if it is someone's home. Remember, if in doubt  or fearful, do not communicate with  spirit, especially one that sounds malevolent or untrustworthy.


http://alexfulfordclairvoyantmedium.blogspot.com.au/2010/10/how-to-white-light-room.html  This should say Gold in the search string


For an alternate grounding this yoga one is safe to use also.


Copyright Alex Fulford January 2017

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