27 February, 2021

Wax Drawing Readings Now Available With Alex


Just letting everyone know that I am now introducing Wax Drawing Readings.
These readings are complex Clair-tangent readings and nothing like Tarot readings.

These readings will be an hour long in duration using photography quality paper and a variety of coloured wax, in 6" by 8" paper.

The cost of these readings will be $130 and you keep the wax drawing to take home with you.

While doing these readings, there is an element of spiritual reading is involved. This should be a lovely uplifting experience, and you are most welcome to record your reading as we go.

To help you understand the concept, it is like scrying, looking into a crystal ball or inky water.
This expands my third eye and the information flows very fast due to the energy involved. I thoroughly enjoy doing these readings and like the fluidity of the reading. I sincerely hope that my clients will enjoy this as much as I do.

Love Alex

NOTE: As of January 2020 I have stopped doing these as I no longer do face to face consultations for health and safety reasons.

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