27 February, 2021



This is very simple to do, but your intention must be firm or you are wasting your time.
You can buy white sage in a health food shop, new age shop or online. I also sell white sage in a couple of sizes at a cheap price.

Keep this simple ok, no need to open all drawers’ cupboard doors etc. That is silly and makes not one bit of difference. People are often told this stuff word of mouth and believe it without having a proper knowledge of the subject.

First, open the windows in the room you are working in, because this will get quite smoky.
Start in one corner and work your way around the room, making the symbol which resonates with you. Be it a cross, a pentagram or whatever you feel is correct for your faith. 

Then use words similar to this, “I cleanse this corner/space in the name of all that is and all that ever will be” or words that you prefer.
Do smudge over windows, doors, mirrors and TV or computer screens as they can and do act like a portal for negative entities. 

This should be done in every room in the house, hallways, back and front door.
The windows and doors of a house are like the eyes and ears of the house. Doorways are like a portal. So please make sure that you smudge these too.

For most cleansing's this is enough, however heavy infestations of negative energy may require the burning of Frankincense, Myrrh and Dragons Blood resin, which you can buy on line or in a new age
shop, such as the Hierophant at Griffith shops. This should fix most problems.

There are very odd occasions when a nasty entity is present and won’t leave. Don’t try to do this yourself. Please get in touch with someone that knows how to do this, as it can be quite harmful.
Under no circumstances speak to an entity, you have no idea what or who it really is. Nasty entities will try to convince you they are good loving beings until they have won you over, then they start to cause harm. I must point out this sort of thing is very rare indeed.

When moving into a rental property it is nice to clear the energy and gold lighting  and or smudging is a good start. Plenty sunshine through the windows to lift the vibrations of the house too. People tend to leave emotional energy where ever they live so when you walk in to the house it can feel a bit flat or uncomfortable. Hence doing a cleansing or smudging.

Did you know that by law real estate agents must tell you if a violent crime or a death happened in the house? Some people are very sensitive to the energy in such a house and would not be happy living in a house where tragedy has occurred.

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