27 February, 2021

What Is Also In Store For Australia in 2017?


Please note : Readings are done from an impartial position, reading the cards in front of me. I  have no interest in politics.

Looking at the cards once more, this time at Australian politics. As many already suspect Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is on a sticky wicket so to speak, he struggles to keep the rank and file of his party under control. There are moves to oust him Rudd Style by his opponents within the Liberal ranks. I feel by winter 2017 or at the very latest it will be winter 2018, he will be replaced. I am pretty sure that it will be winter 2017 though.

In house leadership coups are the new trend in Australian and British politics, and are  here to stay.
I see a man with light coloured hair and an oval face replacing Mr Turnbull, similar in appearance to Kevin Rudd. This is no doubt Scott Morrison. Peter Dutton will be in the spotlight again, a rise to prominence, this feels like a portfolio shift perhaps into finance.
The Liberals will never break ranks with the British monarchy either, it's just not the done thing in their eyes.

In the Australian Labor Party it is Bill Shorten to be tumbled from his position. He seems not to be an effective leader; because he has never really proven himself in the political arena.

Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party is on a slippery slope, she has made very poor choices in whom she lets into the party and this will kill the party. In a few years she won't even recognise the party, as it will be nothing like it's original intended form. She trusts the wrong people and these people will  deliberately  sabotage the party in a seek and destroy mission and then jump ship.

The Australian navy are in the news again I see a navy patrol boat in what looks like border protection issues, Manus Island again.

Heads of Government meeting in Brisbane this winter, Tax reforms and more funding cuts.
More people are turning their backs on the failed government, preferring to be self sufficient.

More unsettling news in the media, protests and  demonstrations to come over Muslim immigration, President Trump and general political unrest in Melbourne and Sydney.   The government needs to look at sedition laws once more.

The race card is being played again by political extremists, some of which are in government positions; and in the community to rile up and confuse people. I do not think Turnbull can handle this one, it will spill over into the community.

The Australian Federal Police are back in the news again.


List of other psychic predictions 

This is the third thing to come up from my 2017 predictions.

Second thing to come up was Pru Goward in the spotlight again she is dark haired. 30 January 2017

Oops my little blunder, lol. I put this under world predictions

Protests in Melbourne are on going in 2017 already

Homeless protests in Melbourne

On Australian predictions I also said Manus Island will be back in the spotlight along with the Australian Navy, however these do not have to be linked. The Navy has already came up with minor news articles. Nothing significant yet.


Mr Turnbull and the Liberals in trouble again. 3/7/2017


Peter Dutton update 18 July 2017

Pauline Hanson, not a happy camper.

Peter Dutton in the headlines.

Perer Dutton did have a change in portfolio in 2017.

19th December 2017 Peter Dutton to head up new department  of Home Affairs.

                                     ONE NATION/ Pauline Hanson 22/10/17



ONE NATION;  PAULINE HANSON .  This is just an example of many if you do a google search. This is an out of control train wreck. One nation is an offshoot of the Liberal party to take the heat off the Liberals anyway.

UPDATE: November 2, 2020

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