Saturday, 27 February 2021

More On The Soul Trap

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Yet an other website that is talking about the soul trap, and mentioning Lucifer being the light bearer. Good to see this is getting more coverage. I talk about this with some of my clients, and in the hand out that I give them are the links to this information provided so that they care learn at their own pace if they want to learn about.

Remember the Bible clearly states Lucifer is the God of this planet. He is the light bearer. Does that not make alarm bells ring? It certainly should! So  why do the new age teachings keep telling people to "go to the light"? Why say Love and Light? It is not what people have been lead to believe and accept, far from it. Lucifer is also an other name for En-Ki and when you understand who En-Ki is it all makes perfect sense. Wes Penre sums this up quite clearly and in an easy to read format in his free ebooks.

Also why are Christians taught to say Amen at the end of a prayer? I for sure will not use that word, Amen is Amen-Ra the heretic pharaoh.
I am quite a Spiritual person and always have been. Let me point out that is not the same as being a spiritualist or being religious, not that these people are not spiritual. For a start Spiritualists, just like other religions learn by rote. The individual can be quite spiritual which comes from within the individual at a soul level. No religion can make one spiritual, that is the soul that does that.

May I  advise people not to seek a master guide nor an ascended master guide. These are none other than Archons (parasite entities). Please stay right away from them for your own good and true spiritual freedom. More and more information is being put on the internet by many researchers and it is in all of our best interests to learn as much as we can on this subject. If in any doubt, sit on the fence and make no opinion one way or the other until you have more information with which to make a better informed opinion. You may change your mind time and time again until you feel comfortable with your beliefs. But that's ok that what your free will is for and it must ot be manipulated by anyone or anything.

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