26 February, 2021

My nightmare: Frightening attack on Australian Civilians. Is this an omen?

 I woke up early this Saturday morning, with my heart pounding. I don't have night mares per say but, I get many vivid and lucid dreams and this one had me quite upset.

In this dream/ out of body experience, I was in Liverpool in the South West of Sydney. This is a place where I lived in my late teens and early 20's. Suddenly I find myself there and walking down a familiar street after leaving  the shopping centre. Suddenly I look up into the sky and see a US military helicopter zooming in close and shooting unarmed civilian in the middle of the street, in broad daylight. Many were small children. Liverpool is a very multicultural city and has a large teaching hospital right next to the street that I was in (just to give you an idea of its size). I quickly realised that I needed to take cover, and tried to hide from the helicopter. I knew that I had very little time and limited options. I tell some small children to come with me and I will protect them. The children were of various ethnic groups and around the age of 5 to 10 years old. They were terrified and crying. I knocked on a door of a ground floor apartment and an old blind man told us to come in side.

When I got in side with the children, I saw many people hiding in there too. The flat seemed to change like a Tardis, except it looked like a shanty town of shacks, lean to's and junk. There were people frightened out of their wits, and hiding from this helicopter myself included. Then I suddenly just felt intuitively that psychic people were their primary target and children. I felt sick with fear at the thought. The children were getting more distressed at this point and crying. One little boy in particular was so terrified, I was trying to keep him close to me to keep him safe and comfort him. Then it struck me most of the little children were boys. They were trying to kill off  the next generation.

The helicopter kept hovering over the building, and I could see this telescopic eye like video camera, that was long and narrow, to get in to small locations to see what is in there hiding. The next thing was a red  warm and buzzing light or ray covering us as the pilot locked on to us and started shooting. We had to keep moving to avoid the gun fire. It was a sick cat and mouse hunt with humans as the prey.We had no where to hide or be safe. The feeling was the pilot was getting pleasure out of killing us.

Why on earth would an American military helicopter be in Sydney and killing off civilians and especially children and psychic people? Perhaps to change the course of events and to stop humanity taking back their rightful spirituality and sovereignty?  Something is clearly wrong in our world, the powers the be are not interested in peace, that much is most obvious today as it was when the US went into Iraq under false pretexts. Everyone knows that these days, it is well acknowledged.

Remember G W Bush telling us about the new American Century, and to be prepared for rolling non stop war? That is a terrifying thought. War is big business and is in the governments best interest. Now we are entering a new high tech age too. Men are not needed as much in the battle field, drones are the order of the day. There is new technology to be rolled out very soon that will change the face of war for ever. So what happens to all the surplus men? Ponder that if you will.

I am having a few strange dreams like this and alternate technology of late. I am left with a big question mark over the lot of it. The common thread is technology and military, with off planet technology assistance. Those that follow the works of Wes Penre will get what I am saying. I did
not choose to have these dreams and being able to see events that have still to unfold. I do not like this and I do not want to know this stuff. But it just seems to be forced on to me.

I am a nature lover, my pass times are gardening and being with my fur babies, I have no interest in
war and violence, it is not the way that I live. I choose a simple and spiritual life that does not harm anyone and does not violate other peoples free will. Do no harm, is my rule. However humanity has the right to defend and protect itself.

 This is something like what I saw 

Copyright Alex Fulford 5 July 2015

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