26 February, 2021

Nightmare Macabre

This horrific nightmare happened to me on the early hours of Monday morning (17 November 2014).

This horrific nightmare happened to me on the early hours of Monday morning (17 November 2014).
I am not one for nightmares or anything like that. Most of the time I am out of body at night, I am either in Scotland or in Australia, everything has a spiritual purpose in my dreams, just like everyone else's. To recognize this fact is what makes the difference.

This dream has to be the most horrific dream that I have ever had. I was in the lower astral levels, an area that I have no desire to see or have any interest in at all. To start with I found myself watching the most frightening thing that I had ever seen. I must point out to that I do not watch horror movies.
I do believe these are very bad for the human psyche, and I question the mind set of those that write books or produce films like this.

The first thing that I saw shocked me so much. I was frozen in terror just watching. There was a man, sitting on a stool working with a woman's corpse. He saw me looking at him, but he didn't care he just got on with his horrible task. He had his full arm right down the throat and into the body cavity of the corpse. The corpse just looked like it was just skin and was in the process of being stuffed.

The head and face were flat, I can't find the words to describe what I saw. The head did not have any eyes at this stage, just slits that looked closed. The  blond short curly hair on the head was real hair too. The body looked like a puppet and how it was being arranged too. I just felt sick with fear at seeing this. The body of the woman was quite young. Caucasian 5' 6 or 7" perhaps. She was unable to stand up. Just being a bag of skin which was being stuffed with something.
Watching this reminded me of the one and only time that I saw the film, Silence of the Lambs, when It first came on TV. I got such a fright from that. To me that was the film industry going too far.

Now the next scene that I was taken to, sort of like a sick version of Dickens's, A Christmas Carol.
I was standing on a street corner, just looking at the event taking place in front of me. I saw a man walking down a city street in the middle of the day. It was wintertime and to me, it felt like I was in London. There was a metal wire fence which is used to keep the public safe from the traffic. It was behind him as I viewed the event. I noticed traffic lights too and realized that it was at a busy crossing. People were just going to and fro like they do every day. Nothing wrong just an average day.

The next thing I saw, changed all that, in a split second, a gang of 5 or 6 men appeared and surrounded the man that I was observing. He was a middle aged Caucasian man in his 50's, Wearing a grey overcoat and a scarf. He had brown hair going grey and a beard which was grey, and he was wearing metal framed glasses. I would give his height as around 5' 10". He seemed not to even see or notice the men attack him. It was so sudden and so violent.

He didn't scream for help or even fall to the ground. The ring leader hit the man on the top of his head, with what to me looked like a hammer. At the same time the other men started cutting and slicing him around the head. They worked with lightening speed. A couple of them were laughing as they worked, the others were more grim faced and said nothing. One man asked the ring leader "can I take the ear?" To which the other affirmed he could. The former then started to slice off the left ear and much of the skin around the ear. But still the victim stood upright and did not react at all. He was frozen to the spot like a robot or a Zombie.

The men, if that is in fact what they were, looked like homeless men or street thugs. Caucasian men of various ages. I noticed they too wore grey drab clothes, and a couple of them wore flat caps, not baseball caps. The older type of woollen flat cap, that men used to wear. They are now coming back in to fashion. The men gave off  a terrible discomforting vibe.

I just felt so sick with fear and terror, I just could not believe what I was seeing. I did feel a presence
beside me the whole time. This would be my spirit guide, showing me what was happening. So I was not in danger myself. I just wish to God that I did not see what I had seen.
We then moved on to the next phase of the horror field trip from, ( or should I say), in to hell.

The next stage was like a gruesome assembly line of body parts. Bits of faces and heads were being assembled. Some had eyes in them which were moving and blinking. They even had moisture like a real eye. Then I saw a jaw and a mouth being put together. I noticed a lot of wire and springs in the mouth. They some how had saliva in the mouth too. These people creating the parts were like puppeteers, and were enjoying their work. They did not talk, they just worked  away at their task like robots. So many body parts, which were mechanical with human skin covering them. It was so disturbing a sight that I do not think that I will ever forget what I saw. The skin all came from dead people, People which I believe were targeted and killed for their flesh and body parts. How could any one think up such a horrific thing?  Like I always say, I am a girly girl. I love Jane Austen books and DVD's I do not like anything that is violent or frightening. So this dream shook me up so badly.

It has taken me all this time to put pen to paper and then on to my blog. Now from a different perspective, I can interpret this dream. This is a warning to humanity about the choices that we as a collective may make. We live in a free world Universe after all. Remember what ever we think and do becomes reality for some. Some people will chose the path of spirituality, some will choose the path of technology, war and all that comes with it. 

Keeping this in mind, the dream that I had, is a veiled warning to all of us to think carefully. I have myself chosen the path of spirituality.  It is not up to me to tell anyone what to do, nor is it up to others to force their ways on the those around them. But please be warned about the technology path or as some people call it, "The Machine Kingdom", this is the high probability for many people in this world, and it comes at a hellish price too.  We are advancing at a rapid rate with technology at present. Soon we will take a quantum leap and move into a higher level. This is the danger zone if you like. The point of no return for many thousands or even millions of people.

Replaceable mechanical body parts to the extent of prolonging life, but at some point you cease to become human. You then become a Cyborg  (Cybernetic organism), a Cyborg does not have a soul, it does not do love, compassion and empathy. It is just a machine, it can not breed, it can not feel. It is just a machine, and nothing else. You can not reason with a machine, it's function  is to  respond to its programming. Think about never ending war with  Cyborgs tooled up, and invading a country. Who is to say that the dead will not be recycled like this for the military on day soon. They have so much technology at present that the public do not even know about. Is this the path you want for your loved ones? In Wes Penre's  e books, he mentions the year 2045 as the critical date. Also you may be interested in reading up on CYNTHIA genetic software.

All life is sacred and is pure spirit. What we think we become.  Humans are also unique we have the divine spark within us, no other race in this universe has this. We are all part of God/Goddess, or the all that is and all that ever will be. Do not give up your soul or your rightful spirituality to any one or any thing.

UPDATE: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-30290540By Stephen Hawking. Not that I need him to tell me squat!

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