26 February, 2021

Sad September

Anyone else out there picking up on the universal energies? A lot of deaths to come in September 2015. I have some in my family to happen, I can feel it. But the planet as a whole will feel many loved ones passing to spirit. Hold them in your hearts and send them love. Let them know you love them and care for them.

This is one of the things about being psychic. Sometimes we know these things, because we can feel it for weeks or months in advance. It is a horrible feeling. I don't think it is right that we should know about these things. People have enough to deal with on the earth plane without being told about deaths to come, whether in their own family or other peoples families. The spirit world just does not seem to care about this, and I have trouble accepting this fact. To me it feels insensitive.

No way would I pass on information to some one about the death of a loved one. When clients ask I try not tell them about a death, unless it is a person that they know is ill and about to go. I tell them to pray that the person goes quickly and peacefully. We can do no more than that.

Tuesday 25th August 2015

Telstra offers apology to family of Victorian who died during triple zero outage

https://www.9news.com.au/national/triple-zero-outage-leads-to-chaos-in-victoria/e5c64336-082c-4bfd-8882-be337fb1ad44   Christ, this is horri...