27 February, 2021

Golden Grounding Cord And Protection

Visualise a golden cord coming from your true heart centre and descending down the

Centre of the Earth.  At the bottom of this cord is a big diamond or precious stone. Then

Create golden aura around yourself, but also to demonstrate to non-physical beings that you are serious, and that you are a strong person who knows what it is all about, and you are claiming your personal sovereignty: telling everybody that no one is allowed to mess with you.

This should be done several times a day. Now this golden cord, should connect from side to side and front to back to your golden aura. So that your whole body is covered. Make this aura 5 inches outside of your visible body.

Please remember that it is important to do this also before you go to sleep. Do it first thing when you awaken and throughout the day. This will keep entities away.

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