28 February, 2021

Part 2 Of Angels And The Igigi

 According to the Wes Penre Papers, " A journey through the Multiverse", Level One; on page 239, the Igigi/Igigu were a race of beings that colonized Mars thousands of years ago, and also had a strong presence on earth, with vast estates in Lebanon and in Sumer (Southern Iraq)

Wes believes these beings to be what we call angels, which means god's helpers or messengers. If you recall in the Christian bible; it says angels are god's servants and, do not thank them. One must thank god only.

What we  know of the Igigi historically and mythologically, they were a lower cast of gods 500 thousand years ago on earth, pre-flood times, along with the Annunaki, the Vegans and the Lyrans to name a few. There are sadly not any images of them, unlike the stone carvings of the Annunaki and the Nephilim, which you can see on the internet. The Annunaki were a very tall Caucasian race with long reddish hair and blue eyes. So far I have not been able to find a description of the Igigi, but they may be similar in appearance to the Annunaki.

The Igigi were looked down upon as lesser beings by the Annunaki and treated very badly, violently so in many cases. Their job as far as we can tell, was to work the mines on earth, mainly for gold and other precious minerals and metals in south western Africa, and to dig water courses. The conditions in which they lived were barbaric and many died due to being forced to work in dangerous conditions in the mines as well as physical abuse.

Their grievances to the Annunaki went unheeded so eventually they revolted.  What we know from ancient texts is both the Annunaki and the Igigi had spacecrafts orbiting the earth constantly monitoring all that takes place here. These spacecrafts worked like a relay station between earth and Nibiru, the home planet of the Annunaki. According to Zechariah Sitchin's research on these races, they ran a shuttle service between orbit and the earth. From there they shipped the gold mined on earth, off to Nibiru to use as a life enhancer, like colloidal or monatomic gold and also to repair the damage to their planet's atmosphere.
This information has been translated from ancient texts over many years from early 20th Century on wards.

As for what happened after the revolt. The Igigi were banished from earth and sent back to Mars and kept there, more or less as prisoners, and virtually to perish. It was back to the drawing board again to create a new race of beings to replace the Igigi. A race of worker drones that would be obedient, and only have enough intelligence to follow instructions and not be able to think independently, so as not to become a thorn in the sides of the Annunaki. From what researchers like Wes Penre,  Anton Parks , Zechariah Sitchin and many others are able to tell us, we humans are the ancestors of the human hybrids that were created, using the species already here, and genetically altering them. Including adding their own DNA into the mix. But also cutting the DNA strands down to basic life essential DNA only. The Annunaki most certainly did not create the original beings. That is a verifiable fact, that some researchers omit.

There is more to this story but it's not where I want to take you with this article.
I only intend to give you a brief glimpse into this story, should you be interested in knowing more, then please go on to the Wes Penre website. www.wespenre.com You can download his free eBooks in PDF format for personal use too.  You can also take part in the forum that he has and follow him on face book , including  his fan page.



A little extra heads up, the name Annunaki can also be spelled Annunaki or Anunna.

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