26 February, 2021

Uluru My Psychic Experience


This is an article that was a long time in making. It had slipped my mind for a while and I thought may be there isn't much to tell.  Please enjoy.


I had the most wonderful trip to Uluru back in 2009, I went there with people from my husband’s office. This was the company rewarding them for all the good work that they had done. From the start I just knew that something amazing was going to happen, and it did. It was a fun week full of laughing. My only worry was not seeing my fur babies for a week, after all they are huge part of my life.
Our tour guide took us to some wonderful places, with the most wonderful views, sun sets and sunrises. The colours of the outback are something to see, forever changing with the weather, season and time of day.
One morning just after breakfast, our guide took us to see the area for men only. This was an ancient secret area for initiations and other ceremonies to take place.  Women are not allowed to be there, so this was a special privilege for us to be there.
Our tour guide was a young Aboriginal man in his mid to late 20’s. He was telling us the story of the  area and what went on in the secret men’s ceremonies. As we started to walk into the area through a long dirt track, I became aware of spirit beings watching us. There was a large group of men and youths gathering to perform an initiation ceremony. An Aboriginal Elder came to me and asked me why we were there, and did I know that women were not allowed to be here.
I explained that we were invited there by our guide and that we will not interfere with anything. We will respect their rules and beliefs. I told him we are from a different time and place, and we mean no harm. He accepted what I said, and had no objection. I told the group what I had seen and heard.
Everyone was fascinated by this. The Tour guide was happy that I was able to communicate with the ancestors and relieve them of their   concerns about us. I was able to keep both sides informed of what was happening. That was quite an honour to be able to do so.  Everyone in the tour group showed respect for the land and the people in spirit, knowing that they were watching us.
The smell of the smoke from the spirit beings camp fire was in the air and the sounds of their voices singing. It was a shame the group that I was with could not see and experience what I was seeing and feeling and smelling. It would have been so good if we could all have communicated as one group to another. No two people pick up psychic impressions the same way, so we would all have got something unique and special to experience. I do feel that this would have made a wonderful psychic tour. But anyhow as we were about to leave the grounds. All the wonderful spirit beings gathered around us and sang to us. I was so overwhelmed by their generosity and love towards us. I will never forget this. I shared this with the group and they were so keen to find out more. The tour guide had never experienced anything like this himself and was so glad to have been there at the time to hear what I had to say.

We then had a long chat about spiritual matters, and then his grandmother came through to pass on a message to him. It was a pleasure to be of service to both of them and bring some happiness to them also. The Tour guide’s grandmother started to show me knitted dolls, similar to dolls that my mother in law knitted for my boys when they were small.  I then went on to pass on her messages to  him. He was so stunned by this but very happy. I just wish that I had more time to chat with him and
have more spiritual encounters but time was limited each day and we  had to stick to the time schedule. Perhaps one day I might get back there to do a little holiday with my husband and have some more spiritual experiences. Just for the record I did not climb the rock. I would not go against the wishes of the people, as that would be highly disrespectful to do that to a spiritual monument, which is also Australia’s spiritual heart. Just as well that I can’t tolerate heights.
Canberra has some spiritual places to visit also, last winter, I went to the Australian Botanical Gardens, which are not far from where I live. I was having a long walk around the perimeter of the gardens looking for things to photograph, when lo and behold right on the fence line between the gardens and the CSIRO I suddenly saw a few Aboriginal people sitting at little camp fires.
I knew that they could see me just as clearly as I could see them too. I noticed some little girls sitting with their grandmother. One little girl was having her hair done up. Over in another group there were a group of men talking. There were a few other people just walking around doing whatever it was they were doing. It felt like one of them had suddenly informed the others that they had company. The other feeling I got was this was normal to them. I do not know much about the Aboriginal people and their psychic abilities, but this felt like this was a common thing, for them to see into other time lines and they just accepted it as normal. Most people in the world today would have a panic attack if they experienced anything like this, thinking that they are going crazy.

It is sad that the more we advance with technology, the more of our spirituality we lose. I for one do not need much technology in my life. I want the old spiritual ways. I envy the older races for having their spiritual gifts and respecting them. It seems to me that our Aboriginal ancestors were more multidimensional and understood the living planet and their important place in the big scheme of things. I am very sad to see much of this lost in modern man. I pray for bringing back the elders to help us regain what gifts we have lost. I am more than willing to go back to basics and learn true spiritual wisdom. The older I get the less I want the modern world, I want a simple and spiritual life.

Alex Fulford Clairvoyant-Medium.
29 March 2015

UPDATE: I was transferring some of this blog to WordPress and discovered my article was removed from Thrive on news. I only gave this guy a couple of articles and I was not happy at him editing them. I have no idea why the articles were removed, however I think a third party trouble maker has had a hand in this as he was the one that told me to send articles to this website.

I have learned a lesson about trusting people here and now I am very reluctant to share things with others as I have been burned by a few in the industry. Not at all what I would call spiritual. 11 Feb 2019.

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