15 December, 2021

Does Menopause Cause Memory Loss?



Some very interesting information here. I am one of the unlucky people that have severe symptoms. Exercising is an absolute must do and watching what we eat to keep the unwanted symptoms at bay.

I am doing lifestyle changes to help with my symptoms, and it is a struggle for me. You have to be up to the challenge as old age sneaks in. Don’t neglect your health and fitness, because the longer you leave it the worse it can be. It is hard work to get in shape when you hit the menopause time of life and if you have let yourself go then be prepared for hard work. Will power and determination are needed by the bucket load. One thing that will also affect your memory is stress, and that can really make your other issues worse. 

Meh! Getting old is way overrated. But onwards and upwards for better health peeps! 

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