17 December, 2021

Bugs across globe are evolving to eat plastic, study finds


I don’t think this will be good in the long run. Something must be done much faster to move away from plastic packaging back to glass and cardboard.

Notice at the end of the article it says micro plastics being ingested are harming cells in our bodies. This is something that I have always suspected; they may pass through the body. But the time taken between eating and eliminating the micro plastic on a daily basis must do something to our bodies. Call me a panic puss, but when it comes to the modern world; cancers of all types have risen. Think about the packaging for takeaway food. If you have take away for lunch every day at work that is putting you in a higher risk for micro plastic damage. Frozen pizza and other items in plastic in your freezer, it all adds up over a lifetime. 

Then there is the white coating inside tin cans of Beetroot etc, that is also known to be very harmful to our bodies; this has been mentioned in the news on our tv’s and yet it still remains in tins. Why are they not moving to glass jars? If you can buy pasta sauce or olives, sun dried tomatoes etc in a jar then they can do the same with other vegetables and tinned fruit. The tins in recent times are much thinner and dent easily too, that is not good for the food that we eat or our bodies.

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