29 December, 2021

Getting ready to start my YouTube channel in February 2022

I am getting my YouTube channel ready; OMG! I have deleted old stuff;  that was really for my personal use and now have to re-learn what to do with the thing, after four years of neglect lol. I hope to have everything up and running in February. A tall order for an oldie like me; that struggles with technology. 

I will be basically doing a blurb on different psychic experiences that I have had, the often funny moments and absolute spiritual and humbling experience that have stayed with me for a very long time. Most importantly, I will have the Tarot card of the month, which will probably be the first video uploaded. Pre-recorded video's to be uploaded as time permits.

I look forward to doing these little short videos; and I hope they are informative for the general public. Hopefully these videos will provide a good insight in to the psychic world. I shall post the link up so that people can subscribe to the videos as soon as I can.  

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