18 December, 2021

Tarot card of the month: January 2022, Ace of Pentacles


                                              Material force, Prosperity, Practicality, Trust,

                       Cardinal point : East Fixed sign: Aquarius    Physical transformation

                                           Pentacles represent the element of Earth   

This card for January 2022 signifies new beginnings and prosperity. As we entre a new era for the world. This card is charged with spiritual energy for a new era. No; it is not meant to represent the decade, but an era. Era's don't really have a calendar start date, they manifest.  

"Silent solitude"  are the words that I hear as I look at the card. For a new year card, the words feel ominous, and I don’t feel very comfortable with the vibe. Notice the background of the card is grey and the cloud around the hand of fate is grey also, this is normally a good sign in a reading.

Grey is a highly spiritual colour, in the hand is what seems a golden opportunity being presented for some of us to embrace something new. This is for the brave among us to step out and do something new. There may be some challenges along the way but keep going. 

These are new and interesting times; so be ready and stay alert to anything new coming your way. Watch out for signs of progression or danger. As I said I have a funny feeling about this card and the feeling of something ominous; those words “silent solitude” are triggering to me it is a warning. Think about that word solitude;  alone and lonely just like in lockdown. Something is not right and this is aimed at the world population. 

The lilies on the card are a positive symbol standing for beauty, fertility, transformation, rebirth, devotion and spiritual purity. However I don’t like the feeling from the lilies, like a drug that puts people into a stupor to distract them from their purpose; of staying on the right path. 

As we know lilies are highly toxic, even thought they are a spiritual symbol.  I am rather wary of these lilies, because they are beautiful and are seen as a spiritual symbol but also deadly. The dualistic nature of this world and indeed spirit.

If one walks through the archway to this new beginning notice the mountains. The mountains represent a long journey of the soul and enlightenment. The colour blue is also a positive colour and relates to the heart chakra, including motherhood.  Water and air are represented by the colour blue as is thought. This light blue is peaceful and calming, it is a gentle energy for transformation. The message is a positive one  to start the year off. However you need to stay on the path and work hard don’t be distracted by the lilies drug  like influence to lead you astray. 

The downside of the card is that your efforts will not be fruitful unless you put in the effort; I advise you to think of the spiritual side of yourself too because this is vital for the new era we are heading into. Examine the opportunity being presented to you to work out if it is really worth the effort or not. You wont know what is behind that hedge unless you take a look. Is the grass greener? Only you have the answer to that.

This card offers the possibility of working from home, having a baby, starting a new business, or transforming what is already there. Also one thing I almost  forgot  to mention is the Ace is like a one, as in originality, new beginning, innovation and standing alone at the top of what you do.   Good luck everyone!


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