10 December, 2021

Robert Sepehr: ESP Extra Sensory Perception


This is a great video for educational purposes into the psychic phenomenon. By the way psychometry is part of a psychic ability known as Clairtangence; which includes reading from a crystal ball (scrying),  reading random objects (psychometry) belonging to someone and also skills like reading from wax drawings which is another form of scrying. Wax drawings are melted coloured wax crayons or sealing wax melted onto paper, and preferably photography paper; with a hot iron and then they can be read by someone like myself. 

Psychometry is often the stepping stone to mediumship if a person is willing to learn either, great steps can be made in increasing ones psychic abilities along with regular meditation.

The CIA also have contacted psychic people in Australia. My father many years ago knew an old lady that was a remote viewer, she lived in a country town near my father and she told him that back in the 1970’s she was approached by people from the CIA to work for them. Well the men were shocked when she told the two men; that one of the men was having an affair with the other guy’s wife. Which shocked them both and the guilty man admitted to it. Never lie to a psychic person! Like them man in this video said nothing stays hidden, even when a person in spirit is passing on information they too will often tell you something that has been hidden and the more a person denies something the more information the spirit will provide.

 I had a grandmother of someone come through during a public demonstration and the person in question kept telling they didn’t know the person or details provided. The person was lying, for what reason I have no idea. But the grandmother kept providing me with more information. Later a person in the audience who is also a medium confirmed what I had said. I knew I was correct anyway but the thing that disgusted me most was the person that kept denying everything had invited me to do this public demonstration. After that incident I washed my hands of the organisation as I will not be dishonest nor be disrespected by anyone that has negative intentions towards me or spirit. 

I often get information and the client will say, “how did you know that?” Anything from a teddy bear on your bed, the colour of your bedroom walls, what was in the fridge that morning when a loved one in spirit was standing behind you. It is all energy, like a radio station frequency, that is what humans are electronic energy in a biomechanical suit/body. The electronic frequency lives on after physical death. We do not need a physical body to exist. We are eternal beings, but temporarily anchored into a physical world.

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